FTC regulated: Yes


Section 2, subparagraph 1, and Section 3, subparagraph 5, of Employment (Termination and Redundancy) Act.

Valid reasons for FTC use: no limitation

Maximum number of successive FTCs: no limitation

Maximum cumulative duration of successive FTCs: no limitation

Maximum probationary (trial) period (in months):

no limitation

Section 3, subparagraph 4 of Employment (Termination and Redundancy) Act mentions the possibility of probationary period superior to 90 days.

Excluded from protection against dismissal: No


According to Section 3, subparagraph 4, of Employment (Termination and Redundancy) Act provides that when the contract of employment specifies a probationary period, either party to the contract may, notwithstanding the provisions of subsections concerning prior notice, terminate the contract without notice during the probationary period or, where the probationary period is more than ninety days, during the first ninety days thereof.

Valid grounds (justified dismissal):

Prohibited grounds:

Workers enjoying special protection:

Definition of collective dismissal (number of employees concerned) There are no provisions concerning number of employees involved in collective dismissals nor definition of collective dismissal itself, likewise the legislation does not provide any specific procedure in case it occurs. The rules to be applied would be the same for individual dismissals.

Notification to the public administration No

Notification to trade union (workers' representatives) No

Notification to workers' representatives: No

Approval by trade union (workers' representatives) No

Approval by workers' representatives No

Priority rules for collective dismissals (social considerations, age, job tenure) No

Employer's obligation to consider alternatives to dismissal (transfers, retraining...) No

Priority rules for re-employment No